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Technological lightness, versatility and innovation are the threads that intertwine and connect each of our collections. Bold solutions designed for indoor and outdoor atmospheres.


Furnish your spaces with balance and a touch of something unexpected. Flawless inspirations for professional, residential and outdoor settings meeting the most diverse needs.

Alias Design - Italian Furnishings

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Alias’ multifaceted spirit is reflected in numerous projects involving a complementary team, emphasising the intellectual value of the brand and embracing open experimentation of forms, materials, and languages. Discover exclusive contributions highlighting the dual nature of Alias, in a synergy between functionality and artistry, in pursuit of Something Else.

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All Alias products enrich the habitat with their strongly expressive essentiality. A catalogue in continuous evolution, with the constant ability to meet the real demands of contemporary living, working and dwelling.

We are

Alias was born in 1979, aiming to be different through avant-garde and unique products. We prioritise creativity and functionality over temporary trends, seeking new interpretations with curiosity. Alias returns with a contemporary expression of its visionary spirit, reflecting the fast and ongoing changes of this “Information Age”. We value culture and craftmanship over flashy graphics and adopt open-minded experimentation in shapes, materials, and performances. Today, Alias still believes in a synergy between functionality and artistry in the quest for Something Else.