NASTRO Collection

Daniel Rybakken, 2024

Innovative and functional at the same time, NASTRO represents the evolution of the lift-up table concept, offering an unprecedented experience in every context. The NASTRO table perfectly fits into domestic spaces thanks to its linear design, enhanced by finishes that add a touch of elegance. Manual height adjustment allows for extraordinary cross-functional use, ranging from social occasions to informal work situations, whether in a standing or seated position.


With the NASTRO collection, Daniel Rybakken reconsiders the concept of a height-adjustable table, defining a unique product ideal for both work and home environments. The exclusive design is a clear departure from the usual rigid and mechanical lines that characterise this type of product, giving NASTRO unprecedented versatility and elegance. The original lifting system consisting of a belt and four pulleys connected to the telescopic legs creates an elegant and innovative solution that allows the movement (the height of the top) to be easily and intuitively controlled, without the need for electricity. A simple and natural gesture permits the individual elevation of the legs to be synchronised, simultaneously revealing the chromatic side of each leg. The silent and incredibly durable belt is an eternal, maintenance-free element.

Daniel Rybakken

He was born in Oslo in 1984 and studied design at the Oslo School of Architecture and at the School of Arts & Crafts in Gotenborg, Sweden. He graduated with a Master's degree in Fine Arts and opened his own studio in 2008. Daniel Rybakken has received numerous awards, including the "Best of the Best" Red Dot Award in Singapore in 2007; the "Anders Jahre's Cultural Prize for Young Artists" in Oslo in 2008 and the "Design Report Award" as best designer at the Salone Satellite in Milan in 2009. His work lies between art and design, forming limited editions, art installations and prototypes for series production. He designed the Nastro table collection and the Lira chair for Alias. He lives and works in Gothenburg.

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