A combination of art, technology and efficiency.

Daniel Rybakken’s design values meet Alias’ vision in the Nastro lift-up table and Lira wooden chair.

At the 2024 Salone del Mobile in Milan, Alias showcased its collaboration with Daniel Rybakken, a Scandinavian designer who has created two new products, the Nastro lift-up table and the Lira wooden chair, which combine aesthetic and functional value with a great asset: they translate and embody the brand’s values. Born in Oslo in 1984, Daniel Rybakken studied design at the Oslo School of Architecture and the School of Arts & Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he opened his studio in 2008. His work is positioned between art and design, seeking to achieve an ideal of elegance, not necessarily visual elegance, but understood as an elegant solution to a problem.

Daniel Rybakken’s minimalist approach to design is also reflected in his two signature projects for Alias: the Nastro lift-up table , which can be raised and lowered thanks to a practical internal strap system, and theLira chair , made of wood with a unique design. The Norwegian designer combines a rigorous selection of materials and forms with an analogue way of thinking about the everyday use of products. The two collections show that innovation is not always and only technological, but can result from the simplification and recombination of old forms, materials and knowledge – even taken from tradition – to create “Something Else”.

Traditional techniques and materials such as wood, aluminium, and steel are used in Nastro and Lira, the combination of which leads to unexpected pairings, a fresh take on what the market currently has to offer. With Nastro, Daniel Rybakken revolutionizes the concept of a lift-up table, creating a unique product that is highly adaptable to different settings and purposes. Using a toothed belt, it provides an easy and intuitive way to manage the height of the top, without the need for electricity. Innovative and functional, Nastro represents the evolution of the height-adjustable table concept, offering an unprecedented user experience in any context, from office to home working studio to dining room. 

Lira is the result of a meticulous design process in which a strong, minimalist style is combined with unexpected comfort, guaranteed by the deep curvature of the backrest. A minimalist, easily stackable solid wooden chair with an iconic silhouette that formally reflects its name. The geometric silhouette is counterbalanced by the naturalness of the materials used: the Lira chair is made of ash wood, available in a natural or open-pore lacquer finish and supported by steel feet painted in multiple colour variations. Wooden chairs are ideal for dining rooms, offices or various types of public spaces, combining classic materials with a modern, designer style. Nastro and Lira share a message: when carefully thought out, even minimalist forms can result in good design.

Credits: Ph. Alberto Strada