General sales terms

1. Contract acceptance

Orders are accepted and goods are supplied according to the General Sales Terms specified below, unless specific exceptions have been confirmed in writing by Alias.

2. Transport risks

Alias does not take responsibility for any possible risks that may occur during transportation arranged by clients. It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify the goods ordered and the condition in which they arrive upon arrival, and issues must be communicated to the carrier immediately. Any complaints for transport damages must reach Alias in writing within 8 days upon receipt of the goods.

3. Deliveries

All goods are delivered free of charge from the Alias factory. Alias reserves the right to deliver goods free of charge to their destination however charges will be incurred for the relative transport expenses shown on the invoice when the amount of an individual shipment is lower than the minimum amount foreseen in the sales conditions currently in force in each country. Alias cannot be responsible for events that occur due to Acts of nature e.g. earthquakes. No penalty or liability is accepted for delayed delivery.

4. Packaging

The cost of standard packaging is always included in the sales price. An extra charge to be agreed upon is applied for special packaging modalities requested by the customer.

5. Prices

Prices refer to goods not considering the transport costs. Alias reserves the right to make changes to the same in order to cover the increased cost of labour, raw materials and other expenses during the course of the contract, up to the date of delivery. Written notification shall be given of these changes and they shall come into effect for all orders received 5 calendar days after the date notification was sent.

6. Technical data and changes to the products

Unless otherwise specified, the quantities given in this price list are expressed in cm and the relative tolerance is +/- 1 cm. Sample colours for leather, enamelling, etc. are purely indicative. Furnishings for indoor use are coated with epoxy-based powder paint, those for outdoor use are coated with epoxy-polyester powder paint. Alias reserves the right to make, at its sole discretion at any time all changes it may deem fit to improve the functionality and performance of its products, or to meet its technological and/or production needs. Indications on product dimensions and the drawings of the products and components are given for purely informative purposes.

7. Complaints

Any complaint for manufacturing and/or quality defects in the goods shall be submitted to Alias in writing within 8 days of receipt of the products in the case of visible flaws and/or defects and complaints as per art. 2. above, and within 8 days of detection in the case of hidden flaws and/or defects. For a complaint to be admissible, the buyer shall give evidence of correct product storage. At Alias discretion, the warranty is always limited to either the return of the goods and the refund of the purchase price or the replacement of defective parts, with the exclusion of any damage and indemnification for any expenses. The goods cannot be returned without the prior written permission of Alias, and any goods returned without this authorisation will be sent back to the sender. In the case of authorised return, the goods must be sent back free at destination within 8 days. All products must be used and installed according to the information and provisions contained in the technical data sheets.

8. Payments

The goods are sold under the agreement that they remain the express property of Alias. Alias reserves the right to its ownership of the goods until the invoice has been paid in full, reserving the right to record its lien on a regular basis. In the case of payment by instalments or deferred payment with respect to the delivery date, the sale is understood to be made with reserved ownership of the asset. The authorised distributor shall therefore only become the owner of the asset upon payment of the price in full, whilst assuming all risks and responsibilities from the moment of delivery. Failure to pay one of more instalments of the agreed price shall entail the immediate forfeiture of the debtor’s rights to the property and the manufacturer shall consequently have the right to obtain immediate payment in full or suspend current supplies, even those not regarding the payments in question. In any case, the manufacturer shall have the right to recover the overdue and unpaid instalments. Payments must be made at the Alias offices, within the agreed deadlines and for the agreed amounts. Late part or full payment of the invoices, after the payment deadline, shall lead to interest being charged at the official rate, increased by 4 percentage points, with immediate effect. Failure to pay, for whatsoever reason, authorises Alias to suspend further supplies. For payments by means of draft or bank order, the purchaser shall be responsible for paying the stamp duty and charges for cashing the payment.

Disputes and competent court 

The competent court for any dispute that may arise is the Court of Bergamo, with no possibility of any changes whatsoever. All contracts, including those stipulated with foreign buyers for materials to be supplied abroad, are governed by the Italian legislation.