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Alias @ Neue Raeume 2017

Displaying its iconic projects and innovative products, Alias showcases its story at Neue Räume 2017The high-end interior design experience takes the stage in Zürich, from 15 to 19 November

Alias, the leading Italian design brand, puts on display the experience of contemporary interior design at the ninth edition of Neue Räume. The prestigious trade fair to take place in Zürich from 15 to 19 November gives Alias an opportunity to share with visitors the values with which the company has established its credibility: stylistic innovation, design quality, experimentation with avant-garde materials. 

The collections styled by internationally celebrated designers embody the salient traits of Alias design: the lines are precise and essential, absolutely timeless; natural materials such as wood and highly technological materials get together in a perfect balance. Thanks to this approach, Alias has been a protagonist in the debate on quality design since 1979, the year it was founded.

In Zürich, the brand uses a congenial, comfortable space to display its new products intermingled with iconic projects that, over time, have been awarded prestigious recognitions, such as the Compasso d’Oro and the Red Dot Design Award. Defined by warm grey tones ranging from the darkest hues to the most brilliant nuances, the setting consists of a small private stage where moments of day-to-day life - in the living room, the bedroom, the dining room and the studio - are proposed in a minimal concept.

Among the products of new design, Alias unveils the linearity of the hiwood table styled by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti. Pride of place is given to creations by British design duo PearsonLloyd: their slim lounge armchairs characterised by light, fluid lines, slim profiles and soft padding, and their twelve sofa, with its compact design and extreme visual purity. 
The rigorous elegance of the aline bookcase by Dante Bonuccelli and the clean shape of legnoletto, the wooden bed by Alfredo Häberli, invite the guests to discover the history of Alias through the projects that in less than 40 years of activity have enabled the brand to take up a leading position in the world of quality design.

An architectural backdrop gives depth to the exhibition space and accommodates, in a checkerboard system, some of the iconic seats produced by Alias: from the legendary laleggera by Riccardo Blumer, recipient of the Compasso d'Oro Award in 1998, which is now on display in many international museums, to  Alfredo Häberli's segesta & taormina, from the elements in the frame line by Alberto Meda to the new version of Patrick Norguet's kobi stool drawing inspiration from the iron chairs of the 1950s. 
At Neue Räume, Alias reveals its vision of Italian-made interior design through creations by the outstanding designers who were able to translate the philosophy of the company into tangible form and offer a fresh, innovative and eminently practical interpretation of contemporary furniture design.

Neue Räume 15-19 November 2017
ABB Eventhalle 550, Oerlikon Zürich

Opening hours:
Wednesday 14 - Friday 17: 12:00 to 9:00 PM
Saturday 18: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


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