Mario Botta


He was born in Mendrisio in 1943 and graduated from the Iuav University of Venice, where he worked with Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn. He has carried out teaching and research in Europe, Asia and America. Since 1982 he has been collaborating with Alias, for which he designed Prima and Seconda, two of his most famous chairs, now on display at MoMA in New York, and the chest of drawers Robot. An award-winning architect, he has published several monographs, and founded the Swiss Academy of Architecture in 1996. He lives and works in Lugano.

the world of design as a small-scale architectural service

“Building is in itself a sacred act, it is an action that transforms a condition of nature into a condition of culture; the history of architecture is the story of these transformations. The need that pushes man to confront the dimension of the infinite is a primordial necessity in the search for the beauty that has always accompanied man in the construction of his own space of life. Thanks to Alias, I approached the world of design as a small-scale architectural service." Mario Botta

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