Alberto Meda

Ritratto ufficiale Alberto Meda


He was born in Lenno Tremezzina (Como) in 1945. He graduated in mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan. In 1987 and 1989, he designed two historic chairs for Alias, Lightlight and Softlight, the first currently on display in MoMA’s permanent collection. The first Alias chairs of the Frame collection date back to 1994, followed in 2003 by Frametable, in 2007 by the Tech wood outdoor collection, and in 2009 by the Biplane tables. In 2011, he was awarded ADI’S Compasso d’Oro for the Teak folding outdoor table. He co-designed the Hydrochair chair (2011) and the HUB system (2022) with Francesco Meda. He lives and works in Milan.

an aptitude for seeking original construction solutions

Technology and new materials are a great store of creative suggestions, if you look at them with an interpretative capacity that goes beyond their technical potential. A paradox: the more complex is a technology, the better suited it turns out to be to produce simple objects for everyday use, with a straightforward, almost “organic” image. The reduction in the number of components, the integration of the functions, the miniaturization of accessories and control parts, the properties of the new materials are the factors that contribute to give an object a simple image and to enhance – aside from its forms – its appeal to the users, its “friendliness”. Nowadays, design freedom is greater than ever, the ingredients are countless, but, in the realm of possible recipes, the high quality ones arise from the inventiveness and the creativity of the chefs and… their secret." Alberto Meda