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Alias presents Alias Home Collection, where images tell the story of contemporary living

For over forty years, Alias has interpreted the experience of contemporary living by creating furniture designed to last through time. In its book Alias Home Collection the company presents its take on present-day design.  Images tell the story narrated by Alias to unveil its collections. The furniture elements come to life in a variety of environments to proclaim their natural talent to blend into any living space. A wealth of details reveals the handcrafted parts and the technological soul of the pieces of furniture created by the company. Among the pages, we also find moodboards reflecting the design processes that resulted in the birth of Alias’s creations. The book Alias Home Collection accompanies the reader through the different moments of day-to-day life. The wide range of colours and textures that characterises the Alias collections finds expression in the living room, the studio, the bedroom, the outdoor areas, attesting to an extraordinary versatility in furnishing classic style homes as well as contemporary interiors: each Alias project designs and personalises space. Alias moves with ease in a home, in a consistent and appropriate manner, fills the space and meets specific needs, adding personality to the place. The families of chairs, chaise lounges and armchairs capture the spirit of the environment; the tables handle different functions combining elegance and practicality. Bookcases, shelves and trolleys – featuring light but sturdy structures – add rationality and order to the organisation of books and objects; closets, drawers and cabinets grace the kitchen and the dining room without sacrificing capacity and convenience. 

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