The iconic Spaghetti chair designed by Giandomenico Belotti is the protagonist at the Ostuni Design Week-end

Ostuni Design Week-end / Museo Diocesano / 6-9 June 2024 

Alias, a well-established Italian design brand, is delighted to participate in the Ostuni Design Week-end, an event that stems from the tradition of the Milanese design week, conceived by Paola Silvia Coronel and which has become in recent years an important appointment to reflect on the culture of design.

The theme of the first edition in Ostuni - a trait d'union for the exhibitions, installations and conferences that animate the kermesse - borrows the concept of the ‘singularity of space’

of the ‘singularity of space’ from astrophysics, moving away, however, from black holes to take on a sense of the peculiarity and specificity of places, which is never more meaningful than in Ostuni. Hospitality and hidden beauty, to be sought and discovered inside the masserie and in the white alleys, is the ‘singularity of space’ that has made Ostuni, and the Itria Valley in general, one of the most sought-after tourist contexts globally. The culture of landscape, cuisine and certainly also architecture and design,

often handcrafted, allow themselves to be discovered by those with culture to find them. 
And it is precisely around this idea of beauty to be discovered that some of the main installations of Ostuni Design Week-end are inserted, including the exhibition curated by Giulio Cappellini, set up inside the city's Diocesan Museum. 
A tribute to the White City through an installation composed of iconic products born or declined in the colour white, symbol - together with black - of contemporary design.

 Within this singular choice, Giandomenico Belotti's Spaghetti chair stands out, a symbol in the history of design, the first of the Alias chairs in the collection since 1979, proposed strictly in the version with white PVC frame and rod. 
An icon of Italian design that demonstrates that the quality of the project goes beyond the design and its form.