Alias = Something Else

The italian design brand Alias announces a new identity and direction, alongside a new team of creatives shaping its vision for Something Else

Alias was born in 1979 from the need and desire to be different. Since day one, Alias set itself the challenge to achieve this goal with advanced, unusual and avant-garde productsthat would arouse interest thanks to their intrinsically unique and experimental characteristics. 
Alias has never focused on temporary trends, but has always looked at the present time with curiosity and aspiration to disclose the most interesting interpretations of creativity and functionality. 
Alias’ is a multiple DNA of countless hands, minds, visions, formations and stories that unite in a single spirit. The diversity of a single language is the richness of the brand’s story. 

Today, Alias returns as an expression of cultural transition; the visionary spirit that conceived its birth is found again in a contemporary form. 
In 1979 Alias interpreted postmodernism, rationalism, the birth of the modern PC and the technological revolution; in 2023, Alias reflects in a new type of language the myriad of changes and mergings happening fastly and continuously. 
Alias finds today a novel occasion to bring forward its original scope, and once again stresses the attention on the intellectual value of design, particularly working on:

- Involving a heterogeneous and complementary team to work alongside Alias: inviting all fields, 

 such as architecture, graphics and arts to partake in a free discussion on what the contemporary design principles should be.

- Shedding the spotlight on thought within design projects, preferring dense, intellectually relevant contents with less flashy graphic supports.

- Striving for a constant open-minded experimentation in shapes, materials and functionalities, appreciating the value of the creative process as catalyst for unforeseen possibilities.


Today, Alias remains bold and continues to believe, and prove, that there can be synergy between the creative and operational aspects, guiding its vision in between functionality and artistry, in the quest for Something Else.