UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

Alias obtains ISO 14001 certification, an international standard defining the requirements of an environmental management system

We are pleased to inform you that, after the assessment process by technicians from IMQ, a leading certification entity, Alias has obtained the ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management system. Certification according to this standard implies that the company monitors its environmental impacts and seeks continuous improvement. With this new milestone, Alias confirms its concrete commitment to the environment and sustainability. The implementation of this certification implies the adoption of a series of processes and activities aimed at ensuring compliance with environmental legislation and managing the organisation in order to reduce consumption, waste and emissions. In recent years,

the company has promoted the culture of sustainability among its employees, thanks in part to the activation of the GREEN TEAM, a cross-functional group appointed to integrate sustainability into all company functions. Alias is thus committed to developing environmentally friendly products and reducing its environmental impact by implementing policies that touch all aspect of its operations. Its dedication to the environment is demonstrated by its ongoing search for environmentally friendly solutions at every stage of the production process, including zero-km production using local suppliers and producers (reducing the environmental impact of transportation), the use of high-quality raw materials for

durable products, and the production of items that can be disassembled and repaired (reducing waste and refuse). New goals for the management of internal activities, including increasing staff awareness of environmental issues, using renewable energy sources for electricity supplies, reducing non-hazardous special waste, and optimising printed paper consumption, were also a focus of the development of the Environmental Management System. 
Alias has set a new goal for the next few years regarding the release of new products onto the market that are classified as "sustainable," i.e. with a low environmental impact. This is done in an effort to reduce negative externalities on the environment.

For Alias, caring for the environment means being increasingly sustainable and keeping a watchful and protective eye on the future of the planet. With this important certification, Alias will be able to continue to promote the sustainable development of its production activitiesand contribute to the protection of the environment and natural resources. The ISO 14001 certification represents an important milestone, the beginning of a continuously evolving and improving path for the sustainability of production activities. A concrete example of how it is possible to do business responsibly and sustainably, contributing to building a better future for us all.