Giandomenico Belotti


(1922-2004) After graduating in architecture from Iuav University of Venice, he devoted his work to research, restoration, urban planning and industrial design. He has collaborated with Alias since 1979, designing Spaghetti, the chair that continues to be one of the most current expressions of modern design and is now on display in the permanent collection at MoMA in New York, Paludis and Green outdoor collection.

an incredibly long strand of spaghetti twisted around a fork

"Design is based on use. You have to face the object of tradition very modestly, knowing that you can innovate it, but taking care not to drop your ideas from above on people's heads.
Sometimes, it is a synthesis process, a cleaning up, as in the case of the Spaghetti chair. Sometimes I try not to hide the physicality of the piece of furniture with the form and I emphasise the elements of the structure; sometimes I have been modest in order to privilege functionality. Sometimes I have been inspired by the design of the great masters, without presuming to add anything aesthetically, but focusing on comfort'.

September 1987, Alias Magazine, "The complex function" by Guido Vergani