Alfredo Häberli


He was born in Buenos Aires in 1964 and moved to Zurich in 1977: here he began his work in 1988 as stand designer and curator of numerous exhibitions at the Museum für Gestaltung. He received a degree in Industrial Design from the Höhere Schule für Gestaltung in 1991. In 1997 he designed for Alias the SEC modular system. In the following years he designed Legnoletto (2001), Segesta (2003), Plein Air (2007), Stabiles (2009), Cross table, TEC (2011), The Erice and Enna chairs, Tessiletto bed (2013), Ago table (2014) and Time armchair (2019), which won the RedDot Design Award in 2020.
He lives and works in Zurich.

From the beauty of the surface to the depth of the third dimension

"My creative collaboration with Alias has always been characterised by the search for new typologies, the discovery of innovative materials or the recovery of forgotten themes. The dynamics of this teamwork, often triggered by a shared lunch, a stimulating visit to an exhibition or directly in the Alias workshops, reflect the spirit of the company. A spirit that is deeply rooted in the passion and commitment of the entire team. This bond has accompanied us for almost three decades and continues to drive us forward, guided by our motto: Alias, Something Else!" Alfredo Häberli