cod. 030
TO'TAIME, 2011

aluminium coat rack

Coat-stand with structure in die-cast aluminium and central portion in extruded aluminium. Coat hook in black or clear methacrylate.
Also available with pocket emptier and tray in lacquered aluminum.


  • silhouette cm
  • silhouette inch
Powder-coated textured finish

Philippe Starck

He was born in Paris in 1949 and inherited the desire to create and dream from his father, an inventor and aeronautical engineer. One of the most popular designers today due to his originality and inventiveness, he has also been working in the field of architectural design for a number of years. He has won major awards such as the Grand Prix National de la Création Industrielle (1988) and the Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects in 1992. Home/Gym/Office marks his wellness debut and inaugurates his partnership with Alias. Together with Eugeni Quitllet, he designed the To’taime coat stand (2011) for Alias. He lives and works in Paris.

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Eugeni Quitllet

He was born in Ibiza in 1972, where he studied design at the art institute. In 1996, after graduating in interior design and architecture from “La Llotja” art school in Barcelona, he began his professional life by curating installations for cultural institutions, such as the Joan Miró Foundation. He also created ephemeral objects and spaces during the design biennial “Primavera Del Disseny” (1997, 1999, 2001). In 2001, he met Philippe Starck in Formentera, which immediately resulted in a close collaboration. They have designed numerous projects together, including the Home/Gym/Office collection (2009) and the To’taime coat stand (2011) for Alias. He designed the Elle (2012) and Tabu (2014) seating collections for Alias. He lives and works in Paris.

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