Michele De Lucchi

ritratto ufficale Michele De Lucchi


He was born in Ferrara in 1951 and graduated in Architecture in Florence. Among the leading figures in important movements during the years of experimental and radical architecture, he was awarded the honour of “Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana” by President Ciampi in 2000 for his achievements in the field of design and architecture. Several of his works have been exhibited since 2003 in the permanent collection of the Centre Georges Pompidou. In 2004 he began his collaboration with Alias, for which he designed the Layout storage furniture (2004), the Dehors outdoor collection (2008), the Norma office chair (2009), and the Trigono (2019) and Indoors (2022) upholstered furniture collections.

The hand is the instrument that brings a vision into reality

"Alias has always stimulated knowledge of things while maintaining contact with man and his sensitivity. I like to think of Alias as a company that moves further ahead, that is ready to disrupt the idea of space to build a new one, with new objects, new materials, new technologies that make us feel in the era we are living in; that make us feel in touch with scientific discoveries and knowledge. I expect to be surprised by Alias with something different, something that I had not thought of, that I had not dared to think of: with materials, with processing techniques; not necessarily new things, rather old, known but new because they are treated differently." Michele De Lucchi

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