Jasper Morrison


He was born in London in 1959. Known for his ‘Super Normal’ approach, the British designer Jasper Morrison seeks to find the exceptional in the world of the ordinary. He believes that design should have an almost invisible presence in the end product and that an atmosphere of naturalness in things is more important than a designer’s signature. His work is represented in New York’s Museum of Modern Art and many other prominent collections around the world. He has published several books with Lars Müller Publishers, including A World Without Words. Since 1992, he has been collaborating with Alias, for which he designed the Atlas system and Tagliatelle (2011).
He lives and works between London and Paris.

a spirit of new rationalism

"I was happy to start working with Alias. I knew and admired Belotti’s Spaghetti chair so much and felt a great affinity with the company’s spirit of new rationalism. The Atlas tables with their white laminate tops bonded to aluminium and their column legs were the offering I thought appropriate at the time, and hopefully contributed to a continuation of that spirit." Jasper Morrison