Alfredo Häberli

Assembling wood and metal in a balanced way, Alfredo Häberli obtains ago, a table with a marked graphic identity, embodying a contemporary interpretation of the classical themes of Scandinavian design. The protagonist of the table is the top, with its soft and cozy shapes, and the technical structure of the table, hidden underneath it, which, besides defining the architecture of the object, endows it with a high degree of flexibility. Designed in a form that is softer and more pliable, the legs – made of solid wood and anchored to a painted steel frame – provide extra space in the seat. Ago is a project rich with details, revealing great design complexity in its stylistic simplicity. In keeping with Alias’s tradition, this table is the result of a highly innovative technological approach and undivided commitment to the beauty of design.

Ago_gallery2 Alias_Ago_Home_AlfredoHaeberli
The idea with Ago is to compose a minimal steel frame on which to secure and rest the top and legs. A bearing structure is like a spinal column, it lets you create a very stable and visibly light composition.
Finishes ago
Note: different shades and any color differences are due to the use of natural materials.
  • WOOD
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