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The Roccolo abitato

The Contemporary and Sustainable Design Interpretation by Edoardo Milesi & Archos for the Roccolo, a Typical Lombard Building Devoted to Bird Hunting, has won the German Design Award 2020 in the 'Excellent Architecture' Category.

© 2018. Studio Archos - Photo by Ezio Manciucca

The Roccolo located in Clusone, in the Seriane Valley (Bergamo), is a fascinating re-interpretation in contemporary style of typical Lombard landscape architecture in Northern and Central Italy, which was set up on ridges and foothills or along Alpine passes, i.e. the main migration routes through the Alps and the Pre-Alps. When bird trapping was banned by law at the end of the 1960s, most of the Roccoli were abandoned, but some of them have been restored in recent years.

© 2018. Studio Archos - Photo by Ezio Manciucca
© 2018. Studio Archos - Photo by Ezio Manciucca

The existing building, which was structurally irrecoverable, was demolished to build this wood-frame structure from scratch, resting upon a completely underground concrete basement where the boiler rooms and cellars are located. The timber structure, completely built in the dry, prefabricated and pre-assembled in the workshop, stands like a tree amongst the trees. The narrow floor plan is lifted upwards to several levels, recalling the historic layout, and the composition of the façades is marked by the various kinds of openings to produce different optical effects at various levels and constantly differing contact with nature.

© 2018. Studio Archos - Photo by Ezio Manciucca

The characteristic feature of this private single-family residence is the discontinuing shapes of the façades, made up of differing volumes joined together and projecting outwards, covered with sundry materials: naturally cured larch wood, zinc-titanium sheeting, and corten steel plates.All glazed parts are set back and screened to avoid glare and reflections in the landscape. The roofing membrane is made from pre-oxidised, matt zinc-titanium, fixed to the natural larch wood structure.

© 2018. Studio Archos - Photo by Ezio Manciucca
© 2018. Studio Archos - Photo by Ezio Manciucca

Combining tradition and a vision of the future, the Roccolo dwelling has won the prestigious German Design Award 2020, an international prize awarded by the German Design Council  Amongst the furnishings selected for presenting the Roccolo, which was designed as a vertical place that connects the earth to the cosmos through the human soul, in order to provide an escape from the pressures of the urban world by using modest simple forms and natural materials, once lived in, the Manzù armchair stands out. This is a reproduction of the historic design by Pio Manzù, a brilliant protagonist of Italian car design in the 1960s. 

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