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Compact volumes. Essential clean-cut lines. One distinctive central feature: aluminium legs to which the elements that compose it anchored. The Eleven collection enter the Alias world with a technological spirit in keeping with the personality of the brand. A system designed by PearsonLloyd, the angular elegance of eleven provides the ideal solution for both domestic interiors and communal spaces.



The collection

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The Eleven family consists of several collections: eleven provides an armchair and two and three-seater sofa. Twelve system, taking a new look at the domestic sofa from the Alias viewpoint, consisting of an armchair, a two or three seat sofa and corner elements which may be combined in countless different configurations. Eleven high back sofa features side and rear panels creating a protected area for privacy, ideal for working areas. Eleven high back work is proposed with a top specially designed to convert the sofa into an office “capsule”. The family acquires eleven high desk, a desk system that meets the requirements of the most dynamic working environments.


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The Eleven high back collection is available as the armchair and as two or three-seater sofas and it features side and rear panels fixed to the aluminium legs. The seat and cushions are made of polyurethane and covered in fabric.

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Eleven high back


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Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson

Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson founded PearsonLloyd in 1997 and since then completed a wide range of projects. The studio uses an investigative approach based on research that combines in a balanced manner the creation, efficiency, user needs and ergonomics. Some of their awards received include the Gold DBA Design. Effectiveness award and the distinction of the Royal Designers of Industry. In 2011 they designed the eleven upholstered elements, followed by the side tables (2012) and the high back version (2015) which naturally complete this system. They live and work in London.


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