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Alias is the protagonist of the first edition of "Design nelle dimore" with the table and the Manzù armchair

Alias, leading Italian furniture brand, showcases its design excellence at the first edition of Il design nelle dimore (“Design in a  dwelling”), an innovative project that aims to enhance the visibility of the “genius loci” - the Lombardy territory -  through the collaboration of internationally renowned manufacturing companies displaying their best products in historic sites spread throughout the region. Villa Cipressi in Varenna has been selected to be the first venue: here, in the marvellous spaces of the dwelling, the work of Pio Manzù (1939-1969) is celebrated through his most significant creations, such as the manzù armchair and the manzù table, which Alias has re-edited with extreme respect for the original project. The event also marks a double celebration: the eightieth anniversary of Pio Manzù’s birth and the fiftieth anniversary of his premature death. Emphasize is given to the extremely innovative quality of the works of the brilliant protagonist of Italian car design, as well as to his contribution to the transition from modernity to contemporaneity: Pio Manzù, in fact, was a true pioneer of ergonomic design.  Clearly inspired by automotive design, the manzù armchair consists of a sturdy shell covered with highly refined leather. The appearance of the armchair is characterised by a system of seams evoking the stitching of sports car seats. On the other hand the manzù table is a re-edition of a table created by the designer for the Agnelli family home in Rome: a sturdy single-leg base supports a top consisting of two concentric rotating elements. Both projects reflect Alias’s capacity to identify the innovative content of objects from the past and transfer it to the contemporary world through solutions that make the furniture elements extremely up-to-date.

Il design nelle dimore 
(“Design in a dwelling”) 
From 26th of October to 3rd of November 2019
10.30 am - 7.30 pm
Villa Cipressi


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