Sette alla Seconda

Seven photographers celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Seconda“, the iconic chair designed by Mario Botta for Alias in 1982.

On the occasion of the 2013 Fuorisalone, Alias presents “Seven alla Seconda”. A collective show on display at the Alias showroom in Corso Monforte 19, Milan. Seven photos d'auteur: Luca Campigotto, Enrico Cano, Edo Bertoglio, Maurizio Galimberti, Irene Kung, Aitor Ortiz, Luca Rossato portray “Seconda”, the iconic chair designed by Mario Botta for Alias in 1982, which is a permanent feature in the most prestigious museums the world over. Seven photographers. Seven visions. And as many individual interpretations.  

Geometric, precise, architectural in its structure, “Seconda” has a soul.
Each photographer perceives it according to his distinctive vision and feels free to take in out of context or contextualise it as deemed most appropriate, generating new emotions again and again. Replicated according to Maurizio Galimberti’s Dada Polaroid aesthetics. Broken down and deconstructed through a digital and optical manipulation process by Aitor Ortiz. Physical and substantial as perceived by 

Irene Kung, the photographer of pictorial culture. A form consistent with other forms in the composition by Enrico Cano, architectural photographer. Poetically rested on a tree branch by Luca Campigotto, reflecting his interest in natural and industrial landscapes. Transgressive and feminine in Edo Bertoglio’s pop snapshot reminiscent of the 1960’s. A strong presence in a forsaken landscape by Luca Rossato, a photographer who is perennially seeking the most rundown and forgotten places.  

“Sette alla Seconda”. A celebration without self-celebration for a design project that appears today more open and more vital than ever. 
Project curated by Lorenzo Butti.