ALINE WORK Collection

Dante Bonuccelli, 2022

ALINE WORK is the new multifunctional mobile room divider. Stable, light, with a linear design ALINE WORK is offered in seven different configurations: sound-absorbing partition panel, double-sided bookcase, single-sided bookcase, coat-stand, desk, monitor wall and vertical garden.


The expert designer Dante Bonuccelli tackles the movable partition wall with an approach aimed at creating an extremely simple and light product, in line with the Alias philosophy. The frame is in extruded aluminium and fits onto two elegant cast trestles equipped with convenient castors. Extruded aluminium surfaces act form a perfect collaboration between structure and support elements, fixed to the frame.

Dante Bonuccelli

ritratto ufficale Dante Bonuccelli

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1956, where he graduated in Architecture in 1979. He moved to Milan in 1984, where he designed buildings, interiors and products. In 1998, he founded Avenue Architects, an architecture and industrial design studio with projects in Italy, Europe, Asia and America. His projects have been widely published and internationally awarded. He designed the Aline system (2013) and the Aline Work mobile roomdivider collection (2022) for Alias. He lives and works in Milan.

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