Francesco Meda


He was born in Milan in 1984 and graduated in 2006 from the European Institute of Design in Milan in Industrial Design. He worked in Sebastian Bergne’s studio in London and later in Ross Lovegrove’s studio. Since his return to Milan in 2008, he has collaborated with his father Alberto Meda on projects for various clients. At the same time, he carries out personal art and design projects with galleries such as Nilufar Gallery, Schoeni Art Gallery in Hong Kong, Colos, Luce di Carrara, Rossana Orlandi Gallery, and Mint Gallery in London. In 2022, he designed the Hub system for Alias with Alberto Meda. He lives and works in Milan.

research, context, language

"I have always appreciated the Alias’s dual essence. A brave understanding of creation, generating products that express inventiveness in their functionality, always in an original form. This is Alias uniqueness today as it was in the past. Its approach has always been bold in spirit while comprehending the contemporary." Francesco Meda

Known for being the father of