AluZen soft

Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

With their light, elegant style, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba reinterpret the rigorous, geometric lines of modular sofa AluZen and achieve a new level of comfort and relaxation, giving life to AluZen Soft, which, thanks to a series of shelves and containers, acquires the configuration of a multifunctional island. The aluminium structure, whose markedly linear design brings to mind a certain geometric minimalism, accommodates a system of soft, imposing cushions, designed to meet ergonomics and comfort requirements. The back, seat and arms of the sofa all coalesce into a single, enveloping shape, which seems to reach down to the floor but in actual fact never reaches it. The fabric, or leather, upholstery features the handmade characteristics typically associated with Alias products, such as the piping around the perimeter of the cushions, which underscores the orthogonality of the flat surfaces and exalts the purity of the volumes.  

aluzen soft dettaglio 900x700
Aluzen soft gallery 3 Aluzen soft gallery 2 Aluzen fost gallery 4 gallery1(2)
Finishes AluZen soft
Note: different shades and any color differences are due to the use of natural materials.
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