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News outdoor 2023

Alias collections for outdoor transfer to open-air spaces transversal designs of chairs, tables, sofas, armchairs, lounges, poufs and sun loungers. They are designed to experience comfort and elegance in private terraces and gardens, as well as in public areas. Technology and materials research give the outdoor collections manageability and weatherproofness, without compromising their personality, attention to detail and comfort. In addition to the lightweight of aluminium and the resistance of polyester mesh, for the outdoor collection Alias has chosen the appeal of wood, the practicality of steel, the elegance of fabric coverings and the simplicity of lines of ceramics. The whole outdoor project, organized by type and available in different colours and finishes, designs outdoor spaces and responds to the needs of public and private places with great versatility and functionality.

Alias presents new finishes applied to the outdoor projects: a selection of new colours to give even more timelessness to the collections, highlighting their formal, aesthetic and conceptual richness.


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