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Alberto Meda. Tension and Lightness

Alias is a partner of the “Alberto Meda. Tension and Lightness” exhibition curated by Marco Sammicheli. From 6 October 2023 to 24 March 2024 at Triennale Milano.

Alias, an established Italian design brand, is pleased to support “Alberto Meda. Tensione e Leggerezza” at Triennale Milano, a monographic exhibition that addresses some of the compositional and methodological characteristics of Alberto Meda, an Italian engineer and designer who has been active for over forty years.
The Highframe chairs (1994) and the Frametable folding table (2003) are among the standout products in the exhibition. There are also pieces on display that testify to the research and experimentation relationship between Alias and Alberto Meda: the LightLight and SoftLightcarbon fibre chairs; the Dry (in the first edition) and Xlight tables.
Curated by Marco Sammicheli, Director of the Museum of Italian Design at the Triennale Milano, with installation design by Riccardo Blumer, the exhibition is divided into the spaces of the 

Design Platform (the exhibition area connected to the Museum of Italian Design), of the picture gallery, the staircase and the mezzanine of Triennale.
The exhibition, through a selection of products, prototypes, drawings and photographs and unpublished materials, faces the peculiar characteristics of the work of Alberto Meda: the constant search for visual and constructive lightness, the attention to the integration of functions, technology conceived as a source of inspiration and solutions.
A section of the exhibition is dedicated to identifying ‘other’ uses for the objects that the designer has created over the years. Analysing certain technical aspects of his designs, Meda subverts them and assigns them a different use, turning them into ‘games’ with which the visitor can interact. 

These include the string tension that characterises the Longframe chaise longue (1994) being used as a musical instrument, resulting in a ‘Harpframe’ thanks to the vibrations produced; while the rotation of a crank handle highlights the mechanism for tensioning the mesh on the  extruded aluminium profile, characteristic of the iconic Frame seats.

We are very proud to support Triennale. 
Thanks to this wonderful exhibition, the city of Milan and the whole of Italy have an opportunity to pay tribute to Alberto Meda, one of the most authentic designers in the history of Italian design, with whom Alias had the honour of collaborating from the outset. 
We are very happy that Riccardo Blumer, another important designer with whom the brand has collaborated, curated the exhibition design, 

contributing to the exhibition narrative in an original, engaging way.”  Alias 

"Alberto Meda. Tensione e leggerezza"
Curated by Marco Sammicheli - Staging by Riccardo Blumer

October 6th 2023 - January 7th 2024
Triennale Milano
Viale Alemagna 6, Milano

Photo: Gianluca Di Ioia ©Triennale Milano