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taormina 503

taormina chair / 503

Armsessel mit Gestell aus Stahl lackiert oder verchromt. Schale aus Kunststoffmaterial in Verbund mit Polyurethanschaum FCKW frei, abziehbarer Bezug aus Stoff, Kunstleder oder aus Leder. Verfügbar in einer stapelbaren Variante.

  • warranty_10
    Warranty 10 years
  • fireproof
    Fire-retardancy (some parts only)
  • recyclable
  • removable_cover
    Removable covers
  • Numero max impilabile
    5 Max number of chairs for stacking
  • Numero colli
    1 Boxes number
  • Numero massimo per collo
    1 Max number pieces per a box
  • Volume in m3
    0,409 Volume in m3
  • Peso lordo in Kg singolo pezzo
    9 Gross weight in Kg
Ausführungen taormina
Note: different shades and any color differences are due to the use of natural materials.
taromina Taormina 2 alias_taormina_gallery_1 alias_taormina_gallery_2

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