Something Else

Swiss house Rossa

  • Location
    Val Calanca
  • Architect
    Davide Macullo
  • Credits
    Photo: Alexandre Zveiger

Iconic objects by Alias, hand-picked by the architect, dot the empty space and round off the artistic manifesto. The furnishings meet the same purpose in the interior as Buren’s colours on the outside: they must bear out the intellectual depth and the emotional charge of the project. The Laleggera chair reflects the intent of the work, in that it bears witness to the progress of man’s technology in shaping a traditional material such as wood, in this case, natural oak. Slim Lounge armchairs introduce delicate dabs of colour in the monochrome environment, while the windows offer glimpses of the green scenery all around. Another piece personally selected by architect Macullo, is PearsonLloyd’s Twelve sofa, providing plenty of comfort without the intrusive presence of a bulky frame, all to the advantage of the formal cleanliness of the open space.

Swiss house Rossa
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