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Alias takes centre stage in the exhibition the senseless body, displaying works by Nendo, Alberto Meda and Alfredo Häberli Bergamo palace of reason from 14 November 2019 to 6 January 2020

Alias, a long-standing leader in Italian design, takes centre stage with a selection of its creations in the halls of the Palace of Reason, in Bergamo, on the occasion of “IL CORPO INSENSATO. Between Cattelan, Kapoor, Murakami and other Myths”, the exhibition curated by Stefano Raimondi. Until 6 January 2020, in the heart of the Upper City, the Hall of Trusses in the Palace of Reason,  juxtaposes 24 artworks by some of today’s most important artists and creatives with the medieval and renaissance frescos decorating the walls of the venue with a view to promoting a reflection on the body, its presence or absence, the way it was perceived in the past vs. today. The installation by Maria Marzia Minelli underscores the dialogue between the realism of classic figurative art and the absence of immediately decodable forms in contemporary art, an idea which is also conveyed by some Alias pieces: the okome seats by Nendo that call to mind the softness of pebbles rounded by the water, the iconic bigframe chairs by Alberto Meda, embodying the technological excellence of the company, and stabiles, the sculptural table by Alfredo Häberli. Proposed in an island configuration and usable on a 360-degree basis, the okome family of seats epitomises Alias’s answer to the world of informal seats. A highly sophisticated hooking system makes it possible to obtain a variety of configurations, meeting different requirements: from a single seat to large islands ideally suited to the contract sector and waiting areas. A PVC coated polyester mesh on a structure made of extruded aluminium and die-cast elements characterises the bigframe chairs styled by Alberto Meda. Proposed in their total white variant, these chairs provide a backdrop for stabiles, the table by Häberli that draws inspiration from the sculptures by Alexander Calder and is on display in a Limited Edition. Organised by The Blank Contemporary Art, the exhibition is part of a wider-range cultural programme that the City of Bergamo has undertaken with the aim to promote and enhance the visibility of Bergamo as a city of art and culture.

“IL CORPO INSENSATO. Between Cattelan, Kapoor, Murakami and other Myths”
From 14 November 2019 to 6 January 2020
Palace of Reason
Piazza Vecchia, 8A Upper City – Bergamo
Photo credits Paolo Biava


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