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Ron Gilad

After the presentation of tavolo zero, Alias continues to collaborate with Israeli designer Ron Gilad, that explores the geometrical concept of the corner. The designer's capacity for conceptual synthesis and his ironic spirit find full expression in mobile zero, a collection of "container" pieces of furniture characterised by their essential, abstract geometry. Their profiles are magically emptied out, dematerialised almost, making room for an enigmatic form, a void that is highlighted by colour.

Mobile zero1 ALIAS_mobile_zero_ron_gilad
Mobile Zero, nasce dall'esplorazione di una definizione del volume in base al suo perimetro. Un paradosso in cui un contorno di una scatola è stato "eliminato", ma il suo volume conservato esistente.
Finishes mobile zero collection
Note: different shades and any color differences are due to the use of natural materials.
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