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ADI Design Index 2020 selects Alfredo Häberli's time armchair and the e la nave va sofa by Atelier Oï as entries for the ADI Compasso d'Oro Awards

Alias is pleased to announce the time armchair by Alfredo Häberli and the e la nave va sofa by Atelier Oï are competing in the next round of candidates for the ADI Compasso d'Oro Prize, the world’s oldest, most influential design award.

"It’s a great honour to be selected for the ADI Design Index 2020 with two projects exploring technological wood interpreted by two great designers. The seat designed by Häberli uses wood and composites, enabling a flat yet elastic structure to deform into a 3-D shell; multilayer wood strips generate an elastic and ergonomically designed frame in the Atelier Oï sofa'. These projects help us demonstrate how Alias’ DNA transcends genres or materials and instead finds itself in the design and experimentation approach, a hallmark of the company's projects...”
says architect Andrea Sanguineti, Alias brand manager & design director. 
Time was born of the gesture that the designer makes in giving shape to a shell characterised by great stylistic balance and unique ergonomic characteristics. The die-cutting process performed on the sheet, which consists of a sandwich of wood and composites, enables the parts to be fitted together seamlessly, and creates a highly ergonomic, enveloping design. With Time, Häberli experimented with the latest manufacturing techniques and found in Alias the ideal partner to give voice to a new, contemporary language, whereby highly innovative contents can coexist with a strong human component.

“E la nave va” represents the journey of search and the constructivist approach of the Swiss designers goes well with the DNA of Alias, a company that has always given priority to construction principles over formal design requirements. The structure of the sofa uses a system of visible slats inspired from the construction of wooden boat hulls: elastic ribs support the cushions and are secured to two wooden rails suspended on stylish aluminium feet. Components in curved multilayer ash and oak wood, arranged in alternation, define the structure and the visual appearance of the project, giving life to a lightweight structure with a great personality. “e la nave va” is a vibrant project, which interacts with those who use it in a marvellous balance between formal elegance and ergonomics.As every year, a dedicated task force carries out the selection: the Permanent Design Observatory. Over one hundred experts (including those outside the ADI) who, throughout the year, region by region, choose the best design products to propose for release and exhibition each year.  
The ADI Design Index, an annual review of the best Italian designs selected by ADI, 
will be the main feature of two exhibitions. One in the new ADI headquarters in Milan, the other in Rome, both focusing on objects and services selected by the Index, reflecting one of the most significant veins of contemporary design.


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