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Alias challenges new areas of research through technological wood

From the very start, Alias has been engaged in material research, adopting a design approach designed to exalt the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the materials. The Alias exhibition during the Salone del Mobile in Milan  will focus on the project of technological wood.  Alias will present three new projects:  Time, the armchair designed by Alfredo Häberli. The principle underlying this project is based on the transformation of a simple two-dimensional sheet, consisting of a sandwich of wood and glass composites, into a comfortable and enveloping three-dimensional seat shell. 
“e la nave va”, the project styled by Atelier Oï, is the result of extensive studies and a  constructivist approach. The structure of the sofa consists of a system of visible slats drawing inspiration from the hulls of wooden vessels, and elastic ribs supporting the cushions, which are anchored to two wooden rails suspended on stylish aluminium feet. Trigono by Michele De Lucchi, with a structure rested on two lateral stands in solid wood, a central beam, and a system of belts supporting the cushions. 
As stated by Andrea Sanguineti, Alias brand manager and design director: “This year, Alias explores wood, which is interpreted by three great designers. The seat designed by Häberli uses wood and composites, enabling a flat but elastic structure to deform into a 3-D shell. Multilayer wood stripsgenerate an elastic and ergonomically designed frame in the sofa by Atelier Oï. The solid wood sculpted by the expert hand of Michele De Lucchi has produced an archetypal sofa. These projects help us underscore how the company DNA transcends types and materials and finds expression in the design and experimentation approach that is the hallmark of Alias products.” 


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