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Alias @ ORGATEC 2018


Flexibility, comfort and customisation join forces in “transformist” collections of furniture designed to face the challenges of new demands and behaviours. Interpreted through the materials, colour plays a key role and becomes a structural element of the project.

Technological innovation and visual lightness are the pillars on which Alias has built its success, generating projects, specially designed for the office and the contract sector, which have also found application in home design, at the point of intersection of different forms of living.  At Orgatec, the most important international trade fair dedicated to the working environment and hospitality, to be held in Cologne from 23 to 27 October, Alias will play a lead role thanks to the expertise acquired in nearly forty years of activity in this sector. 
With the aim to provide concrete answers to the new ways of working, Alias presents a series of projects inspired by a search for innovative solutions consisting of furniture that is both flexible and reconfigurable, with personalised writing desks, and systems that promote collaboration.  The top-selling collections acquire new elements, new finishes and details to offer virtually customisable product lines. 
Geographic and cultural boundary lines are blurred as space finds new interpretations drawing inspiration from a cross-sectoral approach: the liquid experience of contemporaneity permeates many environments, and this is particularly true for the office and the contract sector. While the dimension of the workplace ranges from open spaces to stations conceived as moveable cells, in the contract sector the influence of home design has been observed to an even greater extent. 
These contents are illustrated in Cologne inside a volume constructed with a modular structure of an industrial type. Covered with a system of curved wooden flakes that combine a sound-absorbing effect with the message of sustainability.
Inside the enclosure, we find a conceptual area dedicated to new additions to the brand’s renowned product families, such as slim by PersonLloyd, or frame by Alberto Meda; a wall is taken up by the iconic products created by Alias; and in area set up in a more didascalic manner, the installation puts on display Alias’ experience applied to the contemporary office and contract furniture. 
The exhibition concept is part of a broader project, materialias, developed by the company together with studio Fragile, with the aim to create a Catalogue Raisonné of the finishes used by the brand in its collections. Metals, plastic materials, PVC, wood, fabrics, proposed in 120 different colour shades, represent the world of Alias and become part of the design experience in an increasingly significant manner, with the aim of expressing colour through the materials in lieu of through paint.
The simplified lines, the tapering volumes, the taut forms typically associated with the design language of the company are now interconnected with the theme of colour, as the colour palette acquires a structural role in the project. All this contributes to defining the lifestyle of Alias, between coordinated finishes and powerful design contents. 
In the collections presented at Orgatec, Alias presents the additions to its layout line with a piece inspired by the theme of the secretaire: once opened it transforms into an office workstation, which may be used both at home, in the hospitality sector and in airport lounges.  A similar addition has been made to the eleven high back collection, with a new desk element to be combined with the armchair, conceived for brief work sessions to be performed in public spaces, such as the waiting rooms of an airport or a train station, or in a hotel.  It is the high desk variant, where the panels accommodate fixed or lift tops, creating flexible workstations, fully in keeping with contemporary work requirements.
The slim product family is enriched with the chair variant, proposed in a wide choice of colours and finishes: it is the first polypropylene seat ever made by the company.  The frame product line also grows, with a stackable stool, which, thanks to a mechanism of new design, may be used both as a chair and as a stool, thereby introducing a new hybrid type of furnishing.
Consistently with its experimentation using innovative materials and the definition of technologically advanced solutions, Alias presents landscape, styled by Simon Pengelly: a transformist and highly technological system for the office.
The Alias collections acquire basic elements fully consistent with the DNA of the company, which widen the line-up and make it possible to satisfy any interior design need. The elements on display are fitted with functional elements that become stylistic details, from the telescopic legs of the tables to the magnetic panels to be used as temporary partitions.
Orgatec offers Alias an opportunity to reassert its historic collaborations with the most acclaimed designers on the international scene, from Alberto Meda to Michele De Lucchi, from Patrick Norguet to PearsonLloyd, to Nendo, and the new contribution by Simon Pengelly.

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