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Alias @ IMM 2018

Innovation, technology, lightness characterise the presence of Alias at IMM 2018.On stage in Cologne from 15 to 21 January, with new products for the home and the contract sector. 

A  light-weight, modular, self-bearing structure that can be completely disassembled encloses the Alias world and showcases the vision that has always inspired the company. The Italian design brand, in fact, has always aimed for a perfect balance between technological experimentation and style, architectural research applied to furnishing elements and aesthetic solutions, with an eye on the latest interior design trends.

At Imm 2018, the international interior design show to take place in Cologne from 15 to 21 January, the company reproposes the exhibition stand styled by architects Renato Stauffacher and Alias brand manager Andrea Sanguineti. The stand structure, which accompanies Alias at every trade fair and event, can be adapted to the space available case-by-case thanks to a modular, eco-friendly concept, which supersedes the idea of the one-use stand.
A place for temporary use designed as if it were a collection item, reflecting a focus on advanced technology. Besides making use of leading-edge solutions, the structure conveys an ethical message fully in keeping with the company's communication strategies. In this manner, Alias gives tangible expression to its deepest values and shares them with brand enthusiasts and interior design professionals.  

Constructed by TensoForma, the truss structure combines structural solidity and visual lightness, serving as a support for the lighting equipment and furnishing details, and the panels, which may be used as dividers on a case-by-case basis to partition off an area or create an enclosed space.

At Imm 2018, for example, Alias uses translucent panelling that will appear fully opaque or transparent depending on your viewpoint. Thus, the appearance of the stand changes as a function of the elements used to define it and the way they are arranged and combined with one another.

A flexible composition scheme provides an ideal setting for the company's interior design experience. A conceptual loft extends over an area of 140 m2 and hosts the Alias collection, providing each article with sufficient room to make it truly usable, while offering visitors ample space to explore the area at whim, to satisfy their personal needs and curiosity.

The products, styled by the most celebrated designers on the international scene, are also arranged on a series of shelves, in the guise of a product "bookcase". 
The styling of the installation is essential and, through a few abstract elements, evokes the brand's choice colours and materials, thereby enriching the product display without necessarily have to set up a real domestic space. The exhibition layout reflects the research and experimentation work undertaken by Alias over the years, leading to the development of the numerous collections that bespeak innovation, technology and lightness.

The Alias stand sets the mood for exploring and experimenting: in a vast living area the star role is entrusted to the okome contract sofa by Nendo, also proposed in a more compact version, twelve, the armchair by PearsonLloyd, and Ron Gilad's table, tavolo zero. Across from them: the slim lounge low and eleven high back chairs by PearsonLloyd and gran kobi by Patrick Norguet. Then we find the hiwood table designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, accompanied by twig chairs, in their comfort variant, and Alberto Meda's meetingframe 52 in its soft version. 

The protagonist of the night zone is okome bed, a new bed designed by Nendo, which echoes the soft forms of the collection and pays homage to the pebbles smoothed by flowing water. With the two new creations by studio Nendo, Alias makes its entrance in the soft seating sector and proves yet again it can respond promptly and effectively to evolving home and contract sector demands.

A more intimate area is reserved for the home office, where the articles on display include frametable in a variant featuring a marble top, the slim conference chair, the armchair and the pouf from the PearsonLloyd furniture collection. Finally, Dante Bonuccelli's floor-to-ceiling bookcases aline subdivide the environment within the stand.


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