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Salone del Mobile 2017

Alias @ Salone del Mobile 2017

The booth

Created to accompany Alias at the upcoming design exhibitions, the stand embodies an innovative architectural concept, designed to play a decisive role in the company's communication strategy by giving tangible form to the spirit and the deepest values of the brand.Conceived within the framework of a highly ambitious development plan encompassing products, communication and the sales network, the stand designed by architects Renato Stauffacher and Andrea Sanguineti is a veritable “building”, with highly advanced technical contents and great communication potential.
The concept is a modular structure, which can be fully disassembled and will readily adapt to different dimensions (in terms of area and height), overcoming the notion of “disposable stands” as are commonly used at trade fair events. An exhibition place designed like a veritable product, reflecting the company’s technological expertise in making use of advanced construction materials to achieve optimal results in terms of aesthetics and sustainability.The project contemplates a self-supporting structure, which is solid but visually light, into which different panels may be inserted to serve as fillers and communication elements, forming a skin that will take on different characteristics case-by-case. Thus, the aesthetic impact of the stand is entrusted to the essence of its construction materials and the way in which they are combined. Basically, Alias booth is made up of a series of columns supporting a truss structure in aluminium, to which the lighting fixtures, graphic elements and side wall supports are secured. These elements create a technological cage in which the differently coloured panels in various materials, whether unfinished or printed, may be positioned. Perimetral walls are rested on the floor to highlight the lightness of the structure. The ceiling reiterates the truss pattern of the structure with openings that allow accent lighting to be directed onto the products. 
For the walls, Alias has chosen Hexaben™ by Bencore: aluminium honeycomb panels with a strong technological connotation and an attractive appearance, featuring lightness, structurality and transparency. The lighting is entrusted to The Tracking Magnet by FLOS: exclusive technology built into a magnetic track that relieves the light fixtures from the encumbrance of ballasts. The arrangement of the products displayed is free and flexible; the products may either be placed on the floor, as is the way in traditional stands, or housed in shelves, in the guise of a product “bookstore”.    In terms of layout, the stand resembles a large loft: walking through this structure, where the products on display can be viewed from all angles, visitors feel immersed in the “Alias home”, a place where they can breathe the DNA of the brand and fully grasp its technological personality and uniqueness. 
In its orthogonal geometry, solidity and lightness, concreteness and abstraction are seamlessly intertwined thanks to a well thought-out use of space from the aesthetic and architectural standpoints. With its new booth, Alias proposes a challenge that is consistent with the brand’s product offering. Alias sets out to demonstrate that a project driven by technology, research and simplicity results in a product that is always current, charismatic and never obsolete.


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