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New Collection: HIWOOD

HIWOOD, design by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti

“Working on the classical theme of tables made of natural wood, seeking an original approachto the use of solid wood, whereby proportions, details and image can all be transformed by thetechnique employed”

From the experience acquired by Buratti brothers in the field of joinery and woodwork, comeshiwood, a project that explores the world of present-day manufacturing technologies and the new formal expressions made possible by them. Made from solid oak, a highly appreciated natural material, hiwood is a table featuring a surprising shape: tapered on every side, it sheds the table's habitual connotation as a massive, thick and squarish piece of furniture and becomes an extra thin sheet of high quality wood. In this manner,solid parts become sheets and thickness is cancelled out, resulting in a unique geometry, pared down to the minimum. Stability is ensured by tie rods concealed from view, which, besides making hiwood very sturdy,make it possible to obtain highly sophisticated joints, endow the project with a strong technical spirit, and compose a table that is pure, elegant and extreme in terms of design, technique, classicquality. Ideally suited for the household environment, hiwood tables can have rectangular or square tops,in two finishes, natural oak and varnished oak in two variants: dark and hash gray.
The quintessential, archetypal structure of hiwood is exalted by the design of the top and the legs, which feature curved, tapered shapes, and reveal the typical texture of solid wood to the touch.


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