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New Collection: BOOKCHAIR

BOOKCHAIR, design by Sou Fujimoto

‘‘Bookchair comes to life through the aggregation of a new element, the chair within thebookcase, based on a concept that aims to reflect the basic, fundamental relationship between abook and its reader.”

The design poetics of Sou Fujimoto, one of the main designers in contemporary architecture, meet the technological lightness of Alias, for which he creates bookchair, a bookcase for the home characterised by a fresh, innovative approach. Drawing his inspiration from the relationship between architectural space and the human body, the Japanese architect styled a compact, essential bookcase from which you can extract a chair. A veritable object within the object, which underscores the relationship between men and books:after choosing a book, the reader can take the chair and sit down to read it. The simple and extremely clean configuration of the bookcase is enriched by the soft, sinuous linesof the chair which, according to the use, may be kept in a space inside the bookcase or, when in use, may stand free in the space of the home. Thus, the bookcase becomes an element of the environment where it is installed, playing an active, continually changing role.
 Bookchair is available in one colour only – white – in order to underline the abstractness of the product and the strong ties between the content and the container, between the container and theuser. Proposed in one size, the bookchair is produced in wooden fibre panels.


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