Mario Trimarchi

Mario Trimarchi was born in Messina, Sicily, a borderland between the sea and the continent, where the instability of the seas that one encounters, amongst spectacular turbulence, probably shaped his creative process to a certain extent. At the early stages of Mario Trimarchi’s creativity, we see right away his tendency to observe the world with a lateral eye so as to capture its infinite beauty, preserving it and putting it on paper, through his drawings, a few years later. His intervention on design is radical because incomparable: what prevails is thought, poetry and visions with regard to the function of an object. Romantic, because he questions the meaning of things, their nature, and draws to understand the surrounding environment. Balance and instability, shape and light. Mario Trimarchi’s creative path is centered around looking for a counterweight through the creation of unstable geometries and moving objects that flee from functionalist symmetries. He thinks about things and their function and wants to give back a shape that is far from simple, yet esteemed, rationalistic rigor. The objects are blown away by the wind, cut by the sunlight and it’s as if they stopped to be looked at, posing for a moment.

A radical romantic
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