Alias LAB

Since its foundation, 40 years ago, Alias has shown a strong propensity to engage in research and experimentation, and it is thanks to this trailblazing approach that some Alias products have become part of the cultural heritage on display for everyone to see in some of the world’s most important museums and art and design galleries. Under architect Andrea Sanguineti’s Design Direction, Alias boldly explores and opens up new frontiers in the fields of design and production. Alias products go through a process of subtraction impacting all their constituent elements, none excluded: less structure, less material, fewer accessory parts. The aesthetics of La Leggera reveals the technical nature of the objects styled by the company.

Alias has a deeply rooted identity sentiment that finds expression in a rigorous design approach, and every ingredient, every aspect of product design - shapes, materials, technologies - plays a part in this process.
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