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The evolution of the Alias collection

Faithfully interpreting the brand identity, the installation chosen for the 2019 “Salone del Mobile”, wants to reveal the path of research and experimentation that led the company to develop many new innovative, technological and visually light collections. The collection of padded furniture, alusoft, conceived by Palomba+Serafini as a modular project, comes in a variety of configurations: a markedly linear structure makes it possible to arrange the soft cushions at will. The purity of the lines and the formal cleanliness typically associated with the works by French designer Patrick Norguet can be discerned at a glance in kobi soft, a chair that proves extremely versatile and goes well in any environment. The collaboration with Paolo Rizzatto continues with new lady soft, a soft rendering of the designer’s leather seat new lady. Alias has always excelled in the design of tables, creating collections that – thanks to the advanced technological research carried out by the company – challenge the very laws of physics. Thus, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, Alias showcases the company’s capacity to combine stylistic lightness and leading-edge technology by presenting a new interpretation of the table by Alberto Meda, dry. Compared to the original project, the new dryfeatures a different geometry of the legs, which now make it possible to offer the table in two heights, and a new connection between the structure and the glass top, firmly anchored for enhanced safety.The back office environment, separated from the exhibition area, welcomes the guests with the quintessential elegance of the biplane tables designed by Alberto Meda. Serving as a background is a shelving system housing the products that have characterised the company’s first forty years of life: historical and current icons, which have marked a journey of uninterrupted success.


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