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Alias celebrates its fortieth anniversary at the Cassina Rive Droite showroom

Alias, historic brand at the forefront of avant-garde design, will be in Paris on 25 June with an event inspired by the culture of contemporary design. «Alias turns 40» has been conceived to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the brand by revisiting the furniture pieces designed for Alias by Alberto Meda, a member of the team from the very start and a protagonist in a journey of research and experimentation with materials and forms.  At number 129 of rue de Turenne, in the eclectic district of Mares, the guests will get to know the Alias collections styled by Meda and, in particular, his historic drytable, presented here in a new version that exemplifies how an original piece, designed according to the principles of research and innovation, does not fear the passing of time and will always retain its topicality and freshness. It was 1987 when Alberto Meda, working on some Alias products, began to experiment with  composites, using carbon fibre for his light lightchair and compact polyurethane co-moulded with metal for his drytable. Nowadays, that project gets pride of place again among Alias collections to illustrate the company’s capacity to reconcile stylistic lightness and leading-edge technology. Besidesdry, Alias will put on display the frametableand biplanetables by Meda next to his iconic chairs, highframe, rollingframeand meetingframe. The longframechaise longue, in a soft variant, can be admired in the lounge area.  An added feature of the presentation are cabinets displaying the aluminium castings that were key components of the framechairs styled by the designer.Attending the Paris evening will be Alberto Meda, who – together with brand manager and design director Andrea Sanguineti – will tell the guests about the design approach that focuses on lightness and advanced technology and the brand’s unique capability to develop a project and achieve products of unprecedented lightness while pushing the limits of the technological properties of the materials employed.


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