ORGATEC 2016: slim

The British design consultancy PearsonLloyd, consisting of two successful designers known for their extremely elegant trait, have signed the slim office seating collection for Alias.
This product family is perfectly aligned with the design philosophy of the Bergamo-based company, keen to extend its office furniture catalogue, while confirming its specifically focused research within the field of design Made in Italy.

Finely drawn and sleek lines, slender profiles and upholstering with soft extended edges which, on the back and lower elements, link up with the backrest presented in various materials: These are the characterizing elements of the entire collection.

The family is composed of three different types of chair.

The functional chairs - slim task - are fitted with a Donati weight-sensitive synch mechanism, which guarantees elevated comfort since it allows the synchronized movement of seat and backrest: the tension of the backrest angle depends on the user’s weight.
The bare bones of the mechanism have been used to keep thicknesses to a minimum: the resulting chair is extremely slim and elegant, as well as being highly comfortable thanks to its polyurethane padding and inner elastic structure. As is the case with bicycle design, simplicity and harmony between the mechanical and aesthetic components are successfully achieved.
The ultra-flat Donati mechanism is concealed by a carter consisting of three elements and two-buttons: one to block the backrest angle and another to adjust piston height.

The chair - in moulded polyurethane with a metal structure - and the backrest are separated by a net division, yet visually with a continuous line.
The backrest is of a clean-cut, extremely tapered shape which gives it a finished look, almost detached from the seat.
The seat and front side of the backrest are upholstered in fabrics by Kvadrat® and Camira® or in PELLE FRAU® Color System (SC) leather while the back may be supplied in plastic material lacquered in various colours.
The task chairs comply with UNI 1335C standards, relating to ergonomic principles and minimal functional requirements for office chairs.
Work conditions and the protection of office workers, in terms of health and safety, require “office task chairs” to be produced in compliance with the ergonomic principles and minimum functional requirements contained in the following norms:
UNI EN 1335-1, dimensions and determination of dimensions;
UNI EN 1335-2, safety requirements;
UNI EN 1335-3, safety testing methods.
Slim task chairs are class C.

The slim conference chairs, which lend themselves to various uses, are presented in the version with a fixed seat or fitted with a harmonious oscillating mechanism complete with lever enabling blockage and height adjustment.
The seat and backrest are produced in one single piece. The polyurethane foam shell with its internal structure in metal carpentry work for extra comfort, is being presented in three sizes, with a low, medium or high backrest.
The front surface of the shell may be upholstered in fabrics by Kvadrat® and Camira® or in PELLE FRAU® Color System (SC) leather; likewise for the back which may also be supplied, however, in a compact material lacquered in various colours.

The slim conference chairs may be fitted with a 70 cm diameter 4-star base with fixed glides or a 5-star base with castors. The piston excursion is 12 cm.

To complete the collection Alias presents, slim lounge: two comfortable chairs with a light shell in an uninterrupted line, supported by an 85 cm diameter 4-star base, fitted with auto-return to ensure perfect alignment between seat and base.
Ideal for waiting or relaxing, the lounge low is available with a low backrest and spacious seat while the lounge high model comes with a high backrest and a more embracing seat.
Slim lounge is presented with the front surface of the shell upholstered in fabrics by Kvadrat® and Camira® or in PELLE FRAU®Color System (SC) leather, and the back of the shell lacquer-finished in tone or in a compact material lacquered in a choice of colours.

All the chairs belonging to the slim collection, apart from the lounge low model, may be fitted with aluminium armrests in one of two different models: in the classical T shape or that of a Y, both to match the finish of the base (polished, chromed or stove enamelled in various colours).
A most refined and innovative option conferring even more character to the collection.

Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd have therefore designed a highly contemporary collection, defined by elements of extreme formal lightness and elevated comfort, with the intent to offer architects an ideal and versatile project to satisfy all requirements, no matter how specific.



ORGATEC 2016: frame 52 & frame 52 soft

The frame 52 collection was created by analysing the proportions of contemporary seats and the changes that have taken place in the typical construction of the office chair, which has increasingly acquired the connotations of a “workplace”, where different social relations activities and team work activities take place.

To meet these new requirements, starting from the mechanical design of the rollingframe and the meetingframe equipped with the oscillating TILT mechanism, Alias asked Alberto Meda to study a new system of bases and mechanisms which would make it possible to increase the width of the seat by 10%.

The difficulties encountered during the research and development process were mostly due to the physical properties of the elements which were required to support elements of very different sizes, compared to the historic collection, without diminishing the formal lightness that has always characterised this collection.

Based on a new approach developed through careful static analyses, two new bases are now available, 70 cm in diameter, featuring a flat, slim profile, with the thickness close to the limit of the physical strength of the parts, which makes it possible to fit different pistons and create different chairs of different heights.

The handle of the tilting mechanism and the die-cast elements have also been redesigned according to the spirit of the frame project.

With frame 52, Alias and Alberto Meda show how keenly they follow the evolution of product construction and the applicable regulations: the frame chair, one of Alias’ top sellers, has been substantially restyled to conform to new ways of working andnew ways of using the product.
With its elegant proportions, frame 52 is ideally suited for use in an office environment, but it is equally in the world of hospitality and in the private household, where the meetingframe lounge chair finds its ideal location in the relax area of the living-room.

Rollingframe 52 is characterised by a five-star swivel base in die-cast aluminium on casters, and an exterior mantle connecting the outer surface of the 40 mm piston to the centre of the base. The self-aligning swivel chair meetingframe 52, of more compact design, has a four-star base on die-cast aluminium feet.
In either case, the base adopts a tilting mechanism ensuring a higher degree of comfort by making it possible to tilt the seat and the back in sync.
The hardness of the spring that governs the tilting mechanism can be adjusted in relation to the users weight.
The collection is rounded off by meetingframe lounge 52: a piston 50 mm lower than usual and a back slanted by 5 degrees converts the chairs into small armchairs, which are even more comfortable when paired with a feetframe ottoman.

The new proportions of the frame 52 collection makes these chairs ideal for informal technical seating, home office and operational office premises.

Frame 52 chairs, available with and without arms, are characterised by a structure made of extruded aluminium sections and die-cast elements in the finishes: chromed, polished, stove enamelled in different colours. Seat and back are made of polyester mesh covered with PVC in many colours; or Kvadrat® fabrics; or Pelle Frau® Color System leather, in a selection of 7 stylish colours. Another option is a polyester mesh coated with PVC with hemp fibre, visually more opaque than the standard version, and with a natural touch.

Frame 52 also comes in a SOFT version, with a cushion upholstered with soft Pelle Frau® Color System leather or Kvadrat® fabric and divided into four sections: two on the seat and two on the back, for enhanced comfort.

The frame 52 & frame soft 52 collections comply with UNI 1335C standard relating to the ergonomic principles and minimal functional requirements of office chairs.
The working conditions and the protection of the health and safety of persons working in an office require that “office work chairs” be designed and constructed according to the ergonomic design principles and minimum functional requirements specified in the following standards:
UNI EN 1335-1, Dimensions - Determination of dimensions;
UNI EN 1335-2, Safety requirements;
UNI EN 1335-3, Test methods.
Frame 52 chairs are class C when equipped with expanded polyurethan foam arms.



ORGATEC 2016: okome

Through the collaboration with the Japanese studio Nendo emerges okome, the upholstered furniture system. Alias enters the living-contract world, with this fresh and refined creation.
A family of seats and backs characterised by wide angles, soft, rounded and natural forms that recall the natural shapes of pebbles smoothed by water.
Combining different elements together and joining them with a sophisticated connector system, Alias obtains nine different configurations, specially designed to meet specific needs of the office (lounge zones, waiting areas, rooms for informal meetings) and the home domain.
The widely diversified configurations are suitable for a variety of uses and situations, from the single seat to full seating sets suitable for contract divisions and waiting rooms, as well as sofa systems for the domestic use.
Each piece, whether seat or back, appears as a soft element, a compact volume that enters the world of upholstered furniture.
The structure is made of wood, the upholstery is expanded polyurethane foam with different densities and a layer of memory foam to ensure that the sofa will retain its shape.
The modules are assembled with ease to obtain generously sized seats, always supported by the comfortable backs thanks to the use of a connector system made out of steel.
All elements are embellished with removable covers proposed in various Kvadrat® fabrics.
The pebble system is enriched by a range of complementary items that make it even more attractive: a pouf, which may add yet another seat to the set, a practical table with a structure in stove enamelled steel and a top in MDF in various colours; and the innovative table cable, a pouf of new design enclosing a container with cover – made of plastic in a choice of colours - housing the cable management box, an indispensable support for various devices.
Okome is the proposal developed by Alias for the world of informal seats and poufs. The generous rounded shapes of the collection, the extreme formal consistency between all the modules as well as the accessory elements make these sofas truly unique, capable of creating the greatest variety of environments through a rational approach of managing very different spaces.



ORGATEC 2016: eleven high back privacy

The eleven high back sofa collection designed for Alias by British designers PearsonLloyd has been enriched with a new version, which may be seen as its natural completion. It features a light structure obtained by placing two eleven high back sofas one in front of the other and closing one side with a single panel which is anchored to the legs. The legs made from die-cast aluminium proposed many colours characterise the entire collection. The new configuration becomes a meeting room, intimate and functional, which is able to create an area which provides privacy by beeing visually and acoustically shielded, accommodating up to four persons.

The panel, compatible with 1-, 2- and 3-seat sofas, can also be added to products ordered previously.
To optimise the use, the panel is fitted with two zippers that allow the central section, being 1m long, to be used independently of the two sofas. That means the sofas can be arranged in different angles to each other, configuring highly dynamic spaces.

The panels are versatile and have a strong visual impact: covered with Kvadrat® or Camira fabrics, they are the same colour as the padded, fire-resistant elements of the sofa: the cushions, back and arms which are secured to the panels by means of practical snap fasteners.



ORGATEC 2016: biplane high

A strong grasp of form and composition has given life to a collection of tables characterised by great flexibility in terms of shape, size and range of uses.
Biplane drew its inspiration from the idea of creating a wide and well-diversified series of models.
The legs in die-cast aluminium are fixed both to a central base and to the table top forming a solid structure. The number of legs may vary depending on the dimensions of the top, available in different finishes.

Now biplane includes a new version, 110 cm high. Contemporary office and meeting room models often prefer high tables that enable the use of stools and therefore a more dynamic use of tables, compared to standard models, as you can work by leaning against the table top as well as sitting on a high chair. These characteristics make biplane the ideal choice for dynamic working environments, where meetings and group work sessions take place.

Alberto Meda has designed a totally refurbished leg, sturdier and taller than in the previous 72 cm version of biplane, and featuring a V shaped cross-section that minimises the use of aluminium, while retaining high structural strength. The outcome is a table with a very slender profile and visually very light.
Suitable for use in a meeting room, it also lends itself to being used as a reception desk.

The V shaped cross-section of the leg provides a passage for the power cables leading up to the tabletop.

The collection has also been enriched with four tops, in white lacquered MDF, characterised by bevelled corners, which may be used with 110 cm high legs: the square top comes in two sizes, 120x120 and 140x140 cm, and the rectangular top is provided in 205x105 or 240x105 cm.
Perfect for any environment, the new biplane tables reflect Alias’ incessant drive to develop solutions that will meet each and every need.



ORGATEC 2016: TEC system

Tec is an modular table featuring slender legs in die-cast aluminium that are hooked onto an extruded aluminium structure set back relative to the edge of the table top. On the one hand, this configuration achieves an interesting visual effect as the top seems to be floating in the air and, on the other hand, thanks to the structure’s rigidity, offers the possibility to choose from a very broad range of sizes.
The introduction of a cable version makes the tec table ideally suited for use in the widest variety of settings and applications.

Now the tec collection has been enriched by adding 3 new sizes - 160x160, 200x160 and 240x160 cm -, all of them characterised by the 4 legs on the outsides that guarantee the stability of the bearing structure and the planarity of the table top. These new models may be fitted with a plate below the top to house the sound-absorbent system and with a set of cable management receptacles secured by means of magnets to ensure optimal flexibility of use.

Tec is also a table system due to the addition of a new leg, which may be used to configure three new modules and may be arranged in different ways to create various configurations: the initial 4-leg module, the central modules, and the final 2-leg module.
Available with white Full Color plywood top, 80 or 160 cm wide and 160, 200 or 240 cm long, the three modules use different structures to support the top. The table may be fitted with a courtesy panel and cable holes with covers.

Tec system is available with many accessories, including sound absorbent panels, in Full Color plywood or MDF, covered with Kvadrat® fabric, a white painted steel container for the cables, cable channels in anodised aluminium, and a grey plastic interlinked vertebrae as wire manager.



ORGATEC 2016: aline update

Aline, the container system designed by Dante Bonuccelli makes its debut in a new variant anchored to the ceiling.
The uprights, available in two sizes suitable for rooms 270 cm or 300 cm high, are secured by pressure between floor and ceiling.
The new uprights can be adjusted for height from 268 to 290 cm by means of adjustable feet at either end.
The new floor to ceiling bookcase may be installed side to side to the self-standing version and adjacent shelving will be aligned.

Shelves, single and double drawers, modules with flap doors, comfortable and also available in versions opening from the top down, and magazine racks, can all be mounted at different heights thanks to ad hoc holes in the uprights.

From now on, aline will be equipped with Caimi sound absorbent panels, which use Snowsound technology to achieve selective absorption at different frequencies and thus optimise the acoustical environment even though the panels are vey thin.
Snowsound panels are available in two sizes, 160 and 120 cm, and two widths, 60 and 90 cm, and thanks to their easy-to-use hooking system they can also be fitted to aline systems purchased previously.
The sound absorbent panels make aline the ideal solution to organise work areas, creating spaces that are sheltered visually and acoustically, as well as providing practical panels where to organise job-related information.

Another new feature is a system of magnetic bookends that come in kits of 2 bookends for 90 cm shelves and 3 bookends for 120 cm shelves. The kits are mounted inside the shelves and remain completely unseen, leaving the clean lines of the structure unaltered.

Made from extruded stove-enamelled aluminium in neutral shades of white, graphite grey or textured metallic grey, aline leaves the books the task to organise space, and thanks to its simple, straightforward design is a veritable architectural element that is able to organise space.



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