The concept of twig is a seat with an aluminium base of generous proportions and legs that slant at a pleasing and dynamic angle. These aluminium tubes change material and become wood, in an organic connection with the armrests, also made of wood.
The collection sees four versions; four chairs, each of which is made up of different elements (solid ash processed with a numerical control procedure, or plastic material) which are then paired with the base made of aluminium.
Four unique and contemporary chairs, each with its own identity yet worked seamlessly into the collection.

The most striking in terms of shape is the twig 4, where the design of the backrest is interrupted in a clean and graphic manner, like much of the Japanese designer’s work; the result is a piece of design which is both iconic yet bewildering.

Twig 3 recalls the elegant movement of the armrests but with greater comfort.

With its more traditional shape, twig 1 is also available in the twig comfort version with a more generous backrest. It finds an elegant overhanging armrest terminal. The result is contemporary yet refined.

The twig collection takes its place in the Alias catalogue in a coherent and natural way, creating a pleasant blend between the sensitivity of the Japanese designer Nendo and the technological interpretation Alias makes his designs of.

Twig is available with a polished, anodised or white painted structure; with backrests in natural ash wood and the seat either in ash or covered in Kvadrat® fabrics or in plastic material. The twig comfort also comes with backrest and seat made entirely of a plastic material.

Chair with backrest in lacquered solid ash wood, seat in lacquered solid ash wood or in MDF and polyurethane foam covered with fabric; or with seat in plastic material. Legs in aluminium stove enamelled, polished or matt anodized.



stove enamelled aluminium
plastic material
fabric Kvadrat® A

Note: color or shades differences might come from the use of natural materials

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