Eugeni Quitlet loves exploring the very essence of objects, revealing their inner soul in an unusual and intense vision. This is certainly the case with elle, the new chair designed for Alias. Elegant and comfortable, it has been created by combining different materials. It has an angled and sensual design, with a sensation of dynamism created by the slight forward inclination of its base. The thin join between the shell and the structure creates a flowing and continuous movement. The chair features a number of small but effective ergonomic devices, such as the slight dip in the seat, thereby guaranteeing a sufficient standard of comfort.
Elle is available in a number of different versions.
The stove enamelled or polished aluminium structure supports the TECH® polyurethane shell in different colours or covered entirely in hide.
The comfortable TECH® polyurethane body , with or without arms, can be fitted with an internal cushion covered in Kvadrat® fabric or leather.

Chair with stove enamelled or polished aluminium structure; shell in polyurethane TECH® with inner cushion upholstered in Kvadrat® fabric or in Pelle Frau® leather.



stove enamelled aluminium
polyurethane TECH®
fabric Kvadrat® A
fabric Kvadrat® B
Pelle Frau® SC leather

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