The dehors collection is designed to create an ideal “garden living-room”, inspired by nature and its irregular shapes. This is a collective system, comprising of an armchair, sofa and chaise-longue characterized by a frame in steel treated for outdoor use and coated with opaque embossed powder. Dehors cushions are weather-resistant, thanks to their carefully selected padding and covers.
The structure of the products in the dehors collection, differ from the usual vertical lines, yet still creating a solid framework in which each leg counterbalances the other.
The result is a collection of wavy structures that abandon any claim to architectural rigour and offer an unexpected degree of comfort. Dehors welcomes a naturalistic form of architecture and introduces a new and dynamic logic of comfort. Armchairs, sofas, chaise-longues stand out, blending harmoniously with green spaces, creating an atmosphere of refined relaxation.

Two-seater sofa for outdoor use with structure in stove enamelled steel. Removable cover in Kvadrat® fabric or 100% coloured acrylic fabric and stuffing in expanded alkyd resin. Cushions included in the prices.



stove enamelled steel
Tempotest® fabric
fabric Kvadrat® B
Création Baumann® fabric

NB: Quantity of cushions included:
- Armchair pc.1 (45x45 cm), pcs.2 (45x35 cm), pc.1 (40x25 cm)
- Two-seater sofa pcs.3 (45x45 cm), pcs.2 (45x35 cm), pc.1 (25x25 cm), pc.1 (40x25 cm)
- Three-seater sofa pcs.4 (45x45 cm), pcs.3 (45x35 cm), pc.1 (25x25 cm), pcs.2 (40x25 cm)
- Dormeuse pc.1 (45x45 cm), pcs.2 (45x35 cm), pc.1 (25x25 cm), pc.1 (40x25 cm)

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