Agile and sturdy, the modular supporting structure of the system is made of extruded aluminium profiles, with die-cast elements. The shelves, drawers and flap doors are made of sheet steel stove enamelled in different colours: white, black, ochre, grey and graphite grey. Glass shelves can be had in three versions: transparent, printed, green.
Methacrylate panels and sliding panels can be: black sandblasted on both faces, transparent, natural sandblasted, green sandblasted, transparent red, clear smoky black and white. This elements are also available in the wengé and whitened oak veneered finishes.
This modular storage system has a frame made from extruded aluminium elements. The components are in steel, glass, methacrylate and wood, available in 5 heights, 3 lengths, and 3 widths. This variety means the system can be put together in an infinite variety of combinations.
The new wengé and whitened oak veneered finishes enhance SEC, the modular storage system with a frame made from extruded aluminum elements which allows an infinite variety of combinations. SEC can be used to make a small beside table or a large wall storage unit.
The catalogue shows various types of SEC compositions: functional trolleys become tea carts for living rooms, elegant nightstands in the bedroom; bookshelves and shelving units available with or without drawers are the ideal solutions for home or office; as well as tower structures which are useful systems to furnish commercial spaces. Horizontal sideboards develop the concept of credenzas or furniture for living room, suitable for office environments too.
In the daytime zone, SEC can be an attractive food trolley with glass shelves for the dining room, or it may serve as a practical, aesthetically pleasing solution for a bar cabinet on castors,with the bottles visible and within hand’s reach, adding up to a professional barman’s server. In the bedroom, a small SEC trolley with glass shelves can be a stylish, extremely simple bedside.
A vertical SEC structure can take on a variety of functions, not just that of a towershaped bookshelf. At sales outlets, it is a practical display case, in an office it can be an useful service complement for a slide projector. At home, it can accommodate a collection of objects, or dishware, with the same rational simplicity. When used as bathroom furniture, it is an original towel rack, with glass shelves.
In the contemporary home, the concept of sideboards or living room furniture has evolved into a set of containers designed to meet the most diversified needs, from TV stands that can accommodate your collections of DVDs or VHS cassettes to living room solutions offering a mix of functions, to furnish environments where household spaces can make room for working areas. SEC system’s basic configurations are also ideally suited for any other situation, such as containers and cases for offices and showrooms.
At home, SEC bookshelf is the ideal container for art and photography books, music CDs or vinyl records. SEC can be used as an open cabinet in a dining room, or as a rack for the cellar to store wine bottles vertically or horizontally. In an office, SEC bookshelves can accommodate collections of trade magazines or brochures, or be arranged to form a great wall-sized container, that partitions the environments but lets the light filter through
its coloured methacrylate panels.

Trolley with structure in extruded aluminium profiles and 3 shelves in stove enamelled metal. Chromed castors. Polished or matt anodised structure.



stove enamell. alum./steel


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