FRAMETABLE 190F - 495_190F

Perfect for any interior or building, whether public or private, historical or modern, the tables of the frame collection feature essential design and great formal lightness. The different versions have a structure in die-cast aluminium and rectangular tops available in various fnishes: tempered glass, sandwich glass, anodised aluminium alloy, laminate, or a range of wood veneers.
Frametable, in its original folding version, is light-weight but stable; its folding mechanism gives the table an unusual aesthetical value. Frametable folding simply ensures outstanding fexibility of function as well as acquiring unusual decorative qualities when leant against a wall with its legs folded.
Frametable is available in different dimensions with a fxed structure, ftted with a crossbar that joins the legs and guarantees excellent stability. Frametable is available in a variety of fnishes: the structure in polished or stove enamelled aluminium effortlessly compliments the selection of top fnishes from laminate, to veneered, tempered glass to or sandwich glass. A versatile collection that makes frametable suitable in both a classical or contemporary context.

Folding table with structure made of die-cast aluminium elements, with stove enamelled or polished finish. Top in aluminium alloy panel edged with polycarbonate sheet, thickness 18 mm, laminate in various colours.



stove enamelled aluminium

N.B. For top with cable channels please ask for quotation to our sale department.

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