June 26, 2017

Project: Fiore di Pietra Monte Generoso

“Fiore di pietra”, the panoramic restaurant built on the top of Monte Generoso, was officially inaugurated in April. Funded by the Migros Cultural Percentage initiative, the building was presented by Mario Botta, the world-renowned architect who designed it.

“Fiore di pietra”, the new landmark of Monte Generoso, is an impressive work that bears the unmistakable imprint of Mr Mario Botta. The world-renowned architect not only designed the building but also the interior setup. The civil engineering firm Brenni Engineering AG has performed the structural analysis and the architectural firm Marzio Giorgetti Architetti SA was entrusted with coordinating and managing the construction project on site, a task performed under challenging logistical conditions at 1,700 m altitude. FIP Studio Fischli SA elaborated the gastronomic concept and planned the catering and production areas of the two restaurants in the building. “Fiore di pietra” stands majestically on a rugged mountain plateau and offers a breath-taking 360° panoramic.

125 YEARS OF HISTORY. The first train journeys by steam locomotive to ascend the mountain were realized in 1890. During the war years, its days as a tourist attraction seemed numbered, and the owner wanted to dismantle the railway and sell the tracks for iron. However, the Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler was convinced that access to the extraordinary panorama was worth preserving. Without hesitation, he bought the railway in 1941 and 75 years later it is still supported by the Migros Cultural Percentage initiative.

The new tourist structure rises on the exact spot where an early 20th century hotel once stood. The building is characterised by an octagonal plan, with individual \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"petals\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" enclosing a central space. This configuration is obtained by a series of five-storey high towers, which initially rise with a slight outward slant and then bend inwards at the top, hence the name given to the building, “Fiore di Pietra”, i.e., “Stone Flower”.

At railway level (ground floor), a wide porch creates a space of transition between the exterior and the interior, with an interlocking door system leading to an exhibition space where panels illustrating the history of Monte Generoso are displayed together with a model of the current construction and its plans and sketches drawn by architect Mario Botta.

The first floor houses the utility rooms; a conference room located on the second floor accommodates between 10 to 100 participants. The two top floors house a restaurant, characterised by a room flooded with light and a chic but welcoming atmosphere, the ideal place to enjoy moments of relaxation in contact with nature; and a self-service restaurant with seats for 120 people, which gives access to the panoramic terrace that follows the shape of the mountain ridge.

The interior of the two restaurants has been furnished with products by Alias.

The laleggera chairs designed by Riccardo Blumer and custom atlas tables by Jasper Morrison were selected for both the “Fiore di Pietra” restaurant and the “Generoso” self-service restaurant. With highest expression of technology applied to its design, laleggera is a chair born of the encounter between a valuable traditional material, solid wood, and the more current and light-weight foamed polyurethane which fills the structure.

On the panoramic terrace, the lead role is entrusted to the bigframe chairs by Alberto Meda, with its structures made of extruded aluminium and die-cast elements, seats in PVC coated polyester mesh in the total black variant.

In this manner, Alias offers the guests of “Fiore di pietra” an opportunity to experience the pleasures of the Italian touch made for functional and welcoming projects and immediately recognisable for their unmistakable formal lightness and production quality.

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