May 22, 2017

Alias @ Clerkenwell Design Week

Alias returns to occupy a leading role in the great design festivals with a participation at Clerkenwell Design Week, the event running from 23 to 25 May in Clerkenwell, the trendiest district of London with its must-go independent shopping retailers. 

It is here, close to Exmouth market and wedged between Islington and the City - the financial heart of the British capital - that Alias recounts the value and beauty of the high quality Made in Italy cachet by showcasing its own particular vision of the art of good living and work design. A dialogue between design culture and business, between design history and cutting edge trends. 

With an installation dedicated to the “smart-office” concept, the company reinterprets the spaces and dynamics of contemporary workplaces in an innovative and original language. Presented at the stand DF11, in a perfect alternation of styles, iconic pieces signed by the great designers who have collaborated with Alias are showcased alongside the company’s latest projects. An interior design anthology which is revealed by the segesta chair and taormina wood chair, both designed by Alfredo Haeberli, and the architectural forms of the kobi stools by Patrick Norguet, as well as the success of the bigframe chair family and their coordinated frametables.

Neither could this display refrain from making some allusion to the contemporary spirit narrated by the latest projects presented at the Salone del Mobile 2017: frame soft 52 by Alberto Meda, slim by PearsonLloyd, flow bowl  by Nendo. Yet again, these designers have artfully interpreted the cornerstones on which Alias has built its story and prestige. Various materials come together in stylistic harmony, manufacturing techniques are transformed and reinvented, furnishing accessories express a fresh, innovative vision and an extremely hands-on nature.

Office furnishings are more and more frequently being placed at the centre of research into formal and innovative expressions in order to deliver excellent performance and an entirely new sensorial experience. Aware of the new design frontiers being applied to work environments, Alias has chosen to remain faithful to its identity by presenting a design concept that challenges the limits of stylistic lightness and sparks an interaction between the individual user and technological solutions. 

23-25 May 2017
Spa Fields, Northampton Road EC1R 0DF
Opening hours: 10:00-21:00

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