April 4, 2017

Milan Design Week: Alias SHOP

The furniture fair season is here and, at its flagship store at 19 Corso Monforte, Milan, Alias takes us on a journey to discover its SMART OFFICE, where the contemporary working environment is interpreted in a fresh, innovative manner. 

As every year, Alias is present at the Milan Salone del Mobile to unveil its new products and has reserved its Alias SHOP for presentations and closer analyses, as well as for an overview of its collections and iconic projects.

The leading role in the shop windows that look onto Corso Monforte is entrusted to the collection of office furniture designed by Alberto Meda: frametable oval with frame 52 seats.

On the side of via Santa Cecilia, instead, the store displays okome, the collection of padded furniture by studio Nendo, the gran kobi armchair with ottoman by Patrick Norguet, and the bookshelf\bookchair bookcase by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto.

The staircase area offers a suggestive visual synthesis of the brand's iconic product spaghetti chair by Giandomenico Belotti. The narrative unfolds through the different constituent materials of the collection, from PVC to woven paper.

The Alias office is revealed in the exhibition space. Pride of place goes to the collections displayed at Orgatec: characterised by very slender profiles, highly refined details and the use of technologically advanced materials, they embody the vision of the brand for the working environment: versatility, lightness and interaction.

New product families, that can move with ease and elegance from the private dimension of the home office to that of the management office, from the meeting room to the operative office, endow the office atmosphere with lightness and luminosity, achieving great functional versatility with maximum ease.

The elegant space on the floor below is organised in two areas:

an operative office area featuring rollingframe 52 wheeled chairs and TEC System elements, giving rise to highly refined and functional workstations for the modern open plan office space.

Nearby, we find Alberto Meda's biplane high tables and a meeting/lounge area furnished with the eleven high back sofas by PearsonLloyd.

The meeting rooms furniture on display along the corridor includes tavolo zero tables by Ron Gilad and taormina seats by Alfredo Haeberli.
This is followed by another area dedicated to the management office, consisting of a lounge/waiting room with twelve sofas by PearsonLloyd, a gran kobi armchair by Patrick Norguet, seconda seats by Mario Botta and biplane tables by Alberto Meda.

The management workstation uses a frametable and seats from the slim collection by PearsonLloyd. The meeting area becomes highly refined thanks to saen, the one-leg table with concrete base by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, and the spaghetti chairs arranged next to a TT soft sofa by Alfredo Haeberli.

Display cases along the perimeter provide an overview of the seats making up the Alias collections, while the main display window is dedicated to the most iconic products of the brand.

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